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About Us? More Like, About Me!

To be honest, actually nothing special around here. It's just my personal blog, in which every content is just random things that come out from my mind. Sometimes when I surf on the internet, read a book, or watch a YouTube video, I feel like I would like to share what I got with everyone else.  Not only information that I have gathered but also any thought about something else.

Human isn't good listener, in my opinion. Most of the time, they only care about themselves. Whenever you try to tell a story to them, or just want to share any thought with them, they would like simply to ignore you because you are not their top priority. Or, whenever they'd like to listen to you, they just curious, not to try to understand you.

Life is sucks, sometimes, eh? Sorry, I didn't mean that. Life is beautiful, depends on how you bring it to the brighter side. Life is beautiful, but (most) people are sucks. That's the main reason why I made this blog. This is my place whenever I need to express my feeling when nobody isn't around, and seems doesn't care.

I've acknowledged that I'm pretty bad at making a good sentence. It's like my sentence structure and word choice are terrible. Sometimes it leads to ambiguity. So, with this blog, I can keep practice to make good sentences with a clear meaning. You can learn more about historical thing in this blog by visiting my first post right here.

Oh yeah, by the way I'm Mangcoy (just a pseudonym). You can find out more about me by visiting my social media in the URL below. Don't be hesitate to follow my account. I'd be very happy to be connected with you.

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